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At Latitude, we are more than just a place to get amazing photographs. We actually work hard for our models and actors by connecting them with the tools for real success in entertainment. Learn more about Latitude by visiting us … Continue reading

Become a model at 14

If your goal is to get started as a model, most people find that they want to get involved in the industry as a teenager. Starting as a model at 14 years old is a great time to get started.

As with anything, you have to make sure that you’re really serious about modeling. Most modeling agencies work with adult models so finding a modeling agency at 14 years old can be a little bit difficult.

It’s always best to try to find a local marlin agency in a smaller market. If you are closer to New York City finding a model agency in New York could be easier said than done. Consider working with a talent marketing company such as Latitude Talent which can help develop marketing and tools used to connect to casting calls and agencies.

YES! Why Latitude is better than a talent agency

If you are a new model or actor, you do not need to see out an agency to get started. Sure, a talent or modeling agency can help book you jobs however, for many talent (less than 5%) have the look or experience for an agency to take them one.

Latitude was created to help talent gain the tools and materials to get started out as a model or actor. At Latitude, we are not an agency or employment company, our as a service is to focus on helping to develop starting models and actors. Since our membership is typically monthly, we never take a commission if you ever land a casting opportunity.

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