How much money do models make?

A common question Latitude Talent Studios receives is how much money do models make in the industry? Of course you hear about the millions of dollars supermodels make, but only a very small percentage ever achieve this kind of income.

Depending on the location of the booked job, a New York City model typically makes about $250 plus per hour. In smaller markets such as Texas a model can expect to be paid the same rate as the photographer which is $150+ be hour.

If you are working with a modeling agency, expect them to collect a 10-20% commission from your earnings. Latitude Talent Studios is the perfect option for models and actors because since we are not a talent agency, we do not collect a commission allowing the talent we work with to keep any earnings they receive.

If you are a new model or actors looking for jobs, casting calls or trying to get signed to a modeling agency, Latitude can connect you to our pool of over 125 top agencies and casting calls. Visit us online today!

Casting Call types by Latitude Talent New York

What are the different types of casting calls?

Casting calls are invitations to audition for acting jobs.

Open casting calls are advertised via talent agencies, print media or television and allow any actor to try out for a part.

Closed casting calls are by special invitation only, and a select group of actors or talent agencies are contacted regarding the audition.

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