10 Things to do on a Casting Call

You landed a casting call! Excellent! Here are a few tips from Paul Fisher

1) Be Happy. Smile!!!

2) Be professional & courteous at all times.

3) Always be on time!

4) Carry a pair of Thongs / Sandals with you at all times (to save traumatizing your feet)

5) If you have a full day of castings, plan properly (subways, cabs)

6) If the casting people have a special request (within reason), don’t feel stupid, just do it

7) Remember to ALWAYS bring your book stocked with cards or portfolio sheets

8) If you don’t have a lot of time, prioritize your castings

9) If you have a commercial booking and get your lines ahead of time, learn them!

10) Make yourself memorable . . . maybe a two line joke . . . something to set you apart from 200 people

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3 thoughts on “10 Things to do on a Casting Call

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