Your child wants to be a model or actor – a Parent’s guide

I want to be an actress when I grow up!” this phrase has been said time and time again by children, preteen and teenagers to their parents. While most Moms’ and Dad’s don’t know what to expect from a career in the entertainment business or even know how to get started, Latitude Talent Studios has some tips to help guide you and your child to a successful career as a model or actor.

Is this just a phase?

Parents need to make sure their children are serious about a career in modeling or acting. Is this just a phase? Are they comfortable in front of people or crowds? Can they really act? While it is very possible to pursue a modeling or acting career for a child or teen part-time, you get out what you put in. Research local modeling and talent agencies to see which ones specialize in child talent. Not all agencies are the same so research is key to success.

Do you have the time?

A child’s career in the modeling or acting requires parents to have some flexibility in their schedule. Starting out, Latitude Talent Studios recommends setting aside some time on the weekends to attend industry events or casting calls to get adapted into the business.

Remember, a parent or guardian must accompany their child model or actor on all castings and jobs until they are 18. For talent over 18, parents or guardians should NOT be on set!

How can I start my child a model or actor?

To get started as a model or actor you need to be exposed to industry and casting professionals. Latitude Talent Studios, a New York City based modeling and talent service, provides boutique marketing to talent of all experiences levels, is a leader in discovering new talent and marketing them across their unique platform.

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