What is a Mother Agency?

When you first start working as a professional model the term “mother agent” or “mother agency” will come up often.

What does a mother agency mean? Is a mother agency something you must have when starting out as a model or professional actor?

A mother agent or agency is the first modeling agency you start working with when you get signed to your first agency starting your modeling career. A mother agent can also be a model scout that discovered you.

Most mother agencies consist of local talent agencies in smaller modeling agents who market you to larger modeling agencies in major markets such as New York City and Los Angeles and international markets including London and South Africa.

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 How Does Latitude Talent Work?
Latitude is a talent marketing service for models and actors. Unlike an agency, we allow talent to take charge of their own goals and pursue the competitive entertainment industry with professional tools and unrivaled marketing. See how we are different and visit us online at http://www.LatitudeTalent.com

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