NY Open Calls for Models 2017

Modeling NYC Open Calls 2017

Moving to New York to become a model or actor? Are you looking for new, open call times and dates for modeling auditions in 2017? Well, you found the best source to get you a head start!

Locating legitimate modeling agencies can be a daunting task. Who do you know who you can trust? Who are the best agencies and scouts for your look and experience level?

Latitude Talent Studios helps NY Models and Actors answer these questions by connecting you to the best agencies and scouts in New York City and worldwide.

With a pool of over 200+ casting, talent and modeling agencies at our disposal, we are able to assess a talents look and connect them to the best scouts that can help launch a successful career in modeling.

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Modeling Auditions and Open Calls in New York City, 2017

NY Modeling Agencies Open Call Times:

Typically, NY Modeling Agencies hold open calls during midweek.

Date: Tuesday or Wednesday, between the hours of 10:00AM – 3:00PM.

Some talent agencies do not hold open calls at all- rather, they only accept online submissions.

It is always recommended you meet with agencies by appointment as an open call is just a time for aspiring models to drop off photographs or meet with an agency rep. Unfortunately, in 2017, most agents are not available during open calls as a representative can easily decipher who is a fit for their agency or not.

Every modeling agencies works with models of a certain look. Just because a model is not a fit for Ford Models in NYC, does not mean that they will not be a good fit for Elite Models.

How to start modeling NYC

Most casting calls for models are not posted on public venues like casting calls are for actors. To gain exposure to legitimate Modeling Jobs in New York City you need a reputable venue.

Latitude Talent Studios provides a venue for talent looking to gain real exposure to industry professionals. Unlike an agency, Latitude provides marketing and development services to help talent gain a footing in the competitive world of modeling and acting.

Are you looking to become a model or actor? Apply now at www.LatitudeTalent.com


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Become a Model NY

Are you looking to become a Model in NYC? New York City Is one of the most competitive markets for new faced models looking to become a model or to even get signed by an NY Modeling Agency.

The term “supermodel” was that formed in the mid to late 1980’s when it was common for top models such as for Naomi Campbell to grace the covers of magazines and to land high paying endorsements from companies such as Gucci.  Now in the 21st Century, with the change in media platforms including Facebook, Tumblr and Snap Chat along with the success of the “internet models” and “Instagram models” the entertainment industry has had to change with the times to remain relevant and profitable.

With that being said, here are some questions Latitude Talent Studios, a NYC talent marketing service for models and actors receives from talent of all experience levels daily.

How can I Become a Model Now?

Overnight success is very rare, even more so in the competitive entertainment business such as modeling or acting. While a talent scout or modeling agent could be your next big break, you need exposure and excellent marketing to get the attention of top New York Modeling Companies. Getting quality photography, along with comp cards, can be expensive and without the advice of a professional, it can be a costly mistake. Looking to become a model today, don’t rush! May sure you meet with some one that is professional and can really help you get to where you want to go.

I am not in New York City, How can I Become a Model NJ?

 Not located in NYC but looking to get signed by a New Jersey Modeling or find a  NJ Agency? It may be worth the effort to come in New York and land a top, reputable talent agency.

New Jersey is a very small market for models looking to get signed. If you want to make money in the entertainment business, come to New York!

How can I become a Model for Free?

Everyone has dreams of becoming famous! If it was as simple as taking a photo or posting a photograph online to get signed by a modeling agency, everyone would be doing it!

You have to stand out from the crowd to grab the attention of modeling agencies and talent scouts in New York. Remember, talent agencies will not invest in you unless you invest in yourself.

Does it cost money to become a model?

Any career worth your time is worth the investment. Just like applying to a standard job, its cost money for professional attire and resume printing to get a job. Unfortunately, modeling agencies do not provide services for free, nor are photoshoots or test shoots free. The only thing a new model or actor should invest in is quality head shots.


How Does Latitude Talent Studios work?

Latitude Talent Studios is a talent marketing service for models and actors. Working with many new talent as well as experience entertainers alike, we help talent develop exceptional marketing and provide unrivaled exposure to casting professionals, modeling agencies and talent scouts worldwide.

Get information on how Latitude Talent Works!

Visit our official website, or like us on Facebook and Twitter!

To become a Model in New York, apply now online at www.LatitudeTalent.com

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