Number One Rule for NYC Actors

As a new or established actor, it is important to fully utilize every casting opportunity. While you’re look may land you an audition, it will not guarantee your success.

Latitude Talent is fortunate enough to meet with many great entertainers who all similarly have the same question, what does it take to become successful as an actor? To become an actor a person must have the drive as well as passion to succeed. While a casting call or casting breakdown may state what the role of a character, it may not fully detail what exactly an actor should look or act like. It is important to show up to the audition ready to market and sell yourself.

Latitude Talent Studios ImageWhile professional marketing including head shots and comp cards may help get you in the door, sometimes an actor is their own worst enemy. It is very important that an actor comes fully prepared to an audition and is able to differentiate themselves from the many other talent that are also auditioning as well.

The only thing that will differentiate you from another actor is your personality, so it is so very important to make sure that you go into an audition or casting call in a positive respectful and professional manner!

While this may seem like common knowledge, it is surprisingly common for talent to go in expecting to land the casting. It is one thing to have confidence, it is another to have an off putting attitude that may turn off a perspective casting director or agent. Always remember that landing an audition is a privilege and is not something that is guaranteed or promised for any actor.

Our objective at Latitude is to help new or establish talent create the tools and marketing to connect them to successful opportunities. If you feel you have the passion, drive and positive personality to make it in the entertainment field ,we encourage you to take the first up and join us here.

At Latitude, our talent are number one. Period.


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