Find Teen Model Agencies

Are you a model or actor in search of teen and child modeling and talent agencies in New York City? Well you’re in luck as New York is the premier destination for models and actors of all experience levels looking to find East Coast based management and full service agencies for talent of all ages.

As a new model or actor you are most likely finding it difficult to reach and find an agent that represents your look. Teens have an especially difficult time finding a talent agent to submit to due to the sheer fact that there is an abundance of children ages 3 years old to 17 years old in search of casting calls.

If your ultimate objective is to become an actor it is best to not only learn about the business but also see if it’s something that you want to pursue full-time. After a few auditions you may realize the reality of becoming an overnight success is few and far between. Also due to the fact that NYC is such an in demand market, there are talent of all ages vying for the attention of an agency. One of the top ways to stand out from the fray is to have marketing, which includes photographs, that not only show that you are serious about this industry but also that you are photogenic and versatile for a variety of characters as well as clients. Notable agencies in New York for teens include:

Future Faces NYC

747 3rd Avenue, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10017

Wilhelmina Models 

300 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10010
It is first recommended that you directly submit to an agency. If they are interested they will reach out to you. While smaller boutique firms may cater to scouting talent by holding open calls, it is rare to find a full-service commercial agency that works with teens, hold an open call without an appointment first.  While there is simply no way to fast-track success in this industry getting help from an experienced firm can mean the difference of landing that new agency or being lost by the sea of other talent.

Latitude helps teen models and actors develop the tools and resources to find success. We connect talent to opportunities to you get exposure.

Want to become a Latitude Talent? Take the first step now and join here


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