Realities for a Model or Actor in New York

Leaving a small town, getting up and moving to a big city like New York to attempt a dream in modeling and acting can be viewed as something only for the brave. Most should view it as a way to express yourself and live out your passion. However for a new model in a market such as Manhattan, or talented actor looking for a big break; will go through leaps and bounds to make their journey come true. What many talent lack, is common advice and the realities of becoming a model in one of the most difficult cities.

While every talents journey is different, here’s a compiled list of some realities that models and actors face while living out their dream in New York City.


Housing is very expensive
Second only to San Francisco, which isn’t really a fair comparison considering how dense the population in New York is, Manhattan is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. If you are moving out here just to pursue acting, or even modeling, it is may be best to look for options outside of the city. Many up and coming communities in Queens and Brooklyn pose an affordable option for talent moving out on their own. Roommates are also a favorite option which can cut the expense of living in half.

While commonly known as the “model apartment“ agencies may allow their fresh face talent that have been signed from out of state, or even overseas, a housing which is similar to a dorm with other models. Even though the modeling agency may cover the first couple months, it is taken from a talents first gig so in reality, the model apartment which you share with many other models, can come out to be the same, if not more money than had you just live in a one bedroom on your own.

If you want to be taken seriously, especially as a model or actor, you need to have the correct materials when approaching a casting client. There have been numerous times talent have been turned because they did not have a portfolio or comp card when attending an open call. If you’re going to move out to New York City or if you’re trying to pursue the industry in general, you need the correct and proper marketing. Invest in some good head shots if you want to expect any type of work as an actor or model.

Most people think that a modeling agency or a talent agent are the only options to find casting calls in 2018.

Many talent first assume that they can just go to offices or call agencies and set up appointments. It’s not that simple. To be taken seriously not only do you need the correct marketing, but you also have to have prior experience that shows a client that you were actually trying to pursue the business. If you were in a small town, it is best to look for local projects. Similarly, if you are just moving to New York, there are many options including Latitude Talent Studios which helps connect models and actors with the tools and resources to start their journey in a competitive market.

To find out more information on how Latitude can help visit online at

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