YES! Why Latitude is better than a talent agency

If you are a new model or actor, you do not need to see out an agency to get started. Sure, a talent or modeling agency can help book you jobs however, for many talent (less than 5%) have the look or experience for an agency to take them one.

Latitude was created to help talent gain the tools and materials to get started out as a model or actor. At Latitude, we are not an agency or employment company, our as a service is to focus on helping to develop starting models and actors. Since our membership is typically monthly, we never take a commission if you ever land a casting opportunity.

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How to Become a Model

Is your ultimate dream to become a model? Here are a few quick tips to get you in the right direction to start your career in modeling.

Move to New York

Thats right, if you really want to become a model, you should move to New York. While the startup cost to become a model is expensive, with apartments ranging about $2,000 a month for a one bedroom in most areas, start saving up those funds prior to moving. When you arrive, make sure your portfolio is ready with a variety of photographs that showcase your versatility as a model.

Find an Agency

This is easier said than done.There are SO many modeling agencies in New York City looking for new models, you need to first make sure you are reaching out to the right ones. Do you research prior to attending an agency evaluation or open call to make sure you fit what they are looking for. Remember, every agency has a special type of look they are seeking. It may be best to start very small in terms of agencies who may be a little easier to join than the top major agencies like Ford Models.

Get a part time job first

You need to make money as a new model or actor, and booking projects takes a lot of time. While you are in New York, it is best to land a part time job that will help you earn money in between auditions. This will save you a ton of stress!

Get Help

It’s important to make sure you are being guided in the right direction. Many people like, especially new aspirating models, that their agency is going to help them. They only thing a talent agency wants is to make money in commissions from their models, so they are not going to help you. Finding the right company, like a talent marketing company like Latitude Talent Studios is a great way to get started as a new model or actor. Also, find casting site like which you can access modeling and acting castings from your computer.