LA-Photo Studio Seeking Models

LA-Photo Studio Seeking Models Casting Call

We are a photo studio located in downtown LA. We shoot for different fashion companies every day and we are looking for hire new models. We are looking for regular and plus size! Experience is required, this is an eCommerce studio with some editorial shoots. We look for models that are responsible and fast posers. We are flexible with schedule and we provide work almost every week, at least once a week! Please send us your portfolio, Instagram, and measurements.


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Find Commercial Auditions in NYC

Are you an actor in search of commercial auditions in New York? For actors, New York City is one of the best locations to find casting calls for all types of projects. Whether you are looking for open calls in NYC, extra roles for film projects or Broadway auditions, New York is the place to find it all.

With so many opportunities, it can be hard for a new actor to find out what the best casting calls for their talent are or which ones are legitimate. Latitude Talent Studios, based in New York City, connects new actors as well as models to the best casting calls and audition opportunities to further their career.

While using a talent marketing service like Latitude, new actors have the leisure of being connected to opportunities without having to search on their own. While the entertainment industry is hard and success is never immediate or guaranteed, actors as well as models are encouraged to seek opportunities on their own.

For beginners, actors can start with a simple online search for free auditions. Craigslist, a free posting service, has numerous opportunities for actors. It is always recommended actors proceed with caution when replying to online posting. For talent under 18 years old, it is always recommended that you have a parent attend an audition with you.

For actors in search of commercial casting calls, or models in search an agency, work with the best. Latitude Talent Studios can help connect you with the tools required for success. Apply online here.

Male Modeling Agencies in NYC

Starting as a model in a major market is no easy task. While it is true that New York City is home to many top male modeling agencies, they are increasingly selective in the talent they represent. Here are some quick tips to Find the Best Male Modeling Agents in NYC.

Start Small – Look for Boutique Agencies

Modeling is an industry female models dominate. Top Modeling Agencies such as Ford Models specialize in major talent placement. Because Female Models tend to earn more money then Male Models, big model agencies cater to them. Smaller boutique, top notch agencies like ReQuest Models or VNY Models have supermodel male talent. Try to seek agencies like these when starting your search in a market like New York.

Measure Up – Unless you are over 6 Feet Tall, Look for a model agency with a commercial division.

While an inch or two doesn’t seem like much, it can make or break a potential Models career. Unless you have the exact measurements an agency is looking for, look for an agency that has a commercial or print division. Commercial talent come in all shapes and sizes. MSA Models New York has a lifestyle division and is a good option for new talent looking to get signed in New York City.

Miami, Florida Male Models may seek representation from a Miami Beach Model Agency such as Deco Models or Next Models.

Get Help from a Professional Firm

Just like when attempting to build a house, anyone can look up how to do it online, buy the tools and attempt the task. Will it come out right, possibly, but why risk it? You only

have one chance to make a good impression.
While the traditional open all used to be a weekly option for most agencies scouting Models, many are looking to digital submission in 2019. Only go to a New York open call with professional head shots or a portfolio to show you are a serious model.

Latitude Talent Studios works with Male Models, fitness male talent and commercial talent of all experience levels. Start out by submitting online to today.