Is Miami a Good Place for a Model?

Miami was once a place where all the models would not only vacation, they would work. A lot. Since the 1980’s however modeling in South Florida has taken a dive however is it now a good place for models in 2022 and beyond. Watch the latest webinar from Latitude Talent.

Digital Photographs are Best

Newer models get caught up in finding a photographer and spending thousands of dollars on over glamorized photographs early on. Remember that the base of your portfolio should really show what you look like in real life, thats why test shoots provided at Latitude Studios are the best. Another way is trading for or paying for a really good headshot and body shots with agency photographers. This should be with no or little makeup, very minimal styling, and no to little editing in natural light.

Latitude Isn’t An Agency, How Can They Help?

Are you looking to become a model or actor? Well you have more options than applying to a modeling or talent agency online. One of the reasons it is so hard to get start as a beginner is that agencies mostly want experienced models and actors, or they want a very specific look at a certain time. So what is the other 95% of models to do?

Latitude is a digital platform for models and actors looking to gain access to the opportunities to get started. Our New York office also has a creative studio to help build or start a portfolio. We are not a talent agency and do not get you jobs. We also do not promise jobs, any company that does isn’t being honest!

Our enrollment is very affordable and our subscription is monthly, allowing even students or full time workers the chance model or act on the side. We are very customer focused so we always welcome both our members as well as those looking to start out advice on the best options to focus on.

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